Achromatization over wide spectral range

The calibration unit of the ESO SOXS telescope which Incident Angle is developing for FINCA at the time of writing this, operates over a wide spectral range from VIS to NIR. In order to achromatize the collimating lenses, the indices of refraction had to be recalculated.

Published 17.9.2018 by Jani Achrén, who implores you to read more, including all the publications he was awarded co-authorship from working on this project.


About adjusting Null corrector lens to correct distance

I have discussed a method of inserting a mechanical iris in front of the Null lens in order to easily adjust it to its correct position.

Originally published 15.2.2013 by Jani Achrén. You can read the rest in here (blog) and here (pdf).