Finding numbers for the client

Parameters are nice. They make a goal that is much easier to reach than an invisible one. Optical designer knows what parameters would be nice to know, but asking them from client who might be the idea man or organizer, might not know what they might be. Then it’s up to the optical designer to ask the right questions in order to know the needed parameters the client does not know.

Published 1.8.2014 by Jani Achrén. Read more from here.


“What can an optical designer do for me?”

For an optical project, the part of an optical designer is very short. Once the designs are ready, manufacturing, marketing and the logistics are the long processes that dominate the product line. Here I’ll be pointing out some benefits of hiring an optical designer despite the shortness of our involvement.

First published 2.5.2014 by Jani Achrén. Find out more from here.