Achromatization over wide spectral range

The calibration unit of the ESO SOXS telescope which Incident Angle is developing for FINCA at the time of writing this, operates over a wide spectral range from VIS to NIR. In order to achromatize the collimating lenses, the indices of refraction had to be recalculated.

Published 17.9.2018 by Jani Achrén, who implores you to read more, including all the publications he was awarded co-authorship from working on this project.


Fast F/1 reflective Maksutov microscope objective

20150206_2Originally suggested by Maksutov, a Maksutov microscope objective (or eyepiece) is a reverse Gregorian type reflective objective. It has high numerical aperture and has corrected spherical, coma and color aberrations. It requires a field flattener to correct the field curvature, but for on-axis observations, it has a long working distance and short total track.

Originally published 6.2.2015 by Jani Achrén. Read the rest from here.

Case study: F/2 MWIR imager from stock optics

20140905_1For prototyping purposes, our company engages in creating different applications with stock optics. This time we focused on a fast MWIR (3-5μm) optics. Available stock optics are severely limited, but we managed to pull off a 50° FFOV diffraction-limited objective. Field would benefit from custom optics, but most prototyping and proof-of-concepts are quite possible with just stock optics.

Published 5.9.2014 by Jani Achrén. Read the rest from here.